Trump-Merkel Handshake At G20: Was It POTUS’ Most Awkward Handshake Ever?

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Trump-Merkel Handshake At G20: Was It POTUS' Most Awkward Handshake Ever?

President Donald Trump has been making news for his participation in this week’s G20 summit in Germany, but it’s not necessarily in the manner you’d expect. Rather, it’s all because of a thing called “handshake-gate,” which may also include yesterday’s Trump-Merkel handshake that many have perceived to be more than a little awkward.

A report from Yahoo Be documented the photo-op Trump had with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at G20, as the two leaders marked their third meeting in a span of four months. The report described the Trump-Merkel handshake as the President’s “most awkward” yet, and this opinion wasn’t lost on a lot of social media users, who took to their favorite platforms to comment on the “Trumkel” handshake and how unusual they felt it looked.

“Merkel looks horrified, and Trump clueless,” said one Twitter user, as quoted by Yahoo Be.

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