Trump Impeachment Odds: Trump Is Unlikely To Finish His First Term, Say Bettors And Some Observers

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The Donald Trump impeachment odds are getting better by the day.

The Trump impeachment odds are getting better by the day (if you’re a bettor, that is, and believe he’s not going to last). As The Telegraph reports, bookmakers are now offering even money, or better, on Trump not finishing his first term.

Betting on the outcome of a political process may seem ridiculous to most Americans. After all, the only things casinos will usually take action on, outside of their own games of course, are sporting events. Illegal, back-alley bookmakers are just going to give you dirty looks if you ask about putting down money on politics.

But in Europe, particularly Ireland and the U.K., it’s not only possible to bet on the outcome of a political process, but it’s actually a popular bet. And considering the cloud of investigations, unpopularity, and general negativity surrounding Trump and his administration, European bettors are all about putting money down on his impeachment.

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