‘Star Trek’s’ William Shatner Interviews physicist Michio Kaku: ‘The Universe Is A Symphony’ All Is Music

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William Shatner of Star Trek and Michio Kaku

Star Trek’s William Shatner interviewed theoretical physicist Michio Kaku for his documentary The Truth Is In The Stars. Kaku is the co-founder of string field theory.

William Shatner’s documentary discusses the impact of Star Trek on science and culture, but it also poses open ended scientific questions to some of the world’s greatest mind, including Stephen Hawking and Michio Kaku.

William Shatner interviewed scientists, innovators, and celebrities who talked about the positive message of Star Trek. In stark contrast to so much of the science fiction genre, Star Trek offered an extremely positive view of the future.

Michio Kaku perhaps gave William Shatner the most amazing answer of all for his Star Trek inspired documentary The Truth Is In The Stars. Michio Kaku spoke about the nature of the universe, and the “mind of God,” as contemplated by Einstein. Einstein is quoted on BBC, about his theory of everything that was supposed to uncover the “mind of God.”

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SOURCE: Inquisitr.com

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