Scientists Say Sixth Mass Extinction, A ‘Biological Annihilation,’ May Have Already Begun

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biological annihilation

The sixth mass extinction event on Earth, a “biological annihilation” of wildlife, is already happening, and it is even worse than researchers feared, according to a new scientific report. The researchers involved in the new study found one-third of thousands of common animal species are on a population decline.

The scientists issuing the warning about a sixth mass extinction of wildlife on Earth came to their conclusion by analyzing the extensive loss of both common and endangered species over the course of the past several decades. The researchers found that “billions” of both local and regional populations of animals have disappeared.

Overconsumption and human overpopulation are at least partially to blame for the emerging biological annihilation, according to study results shared by the Guardian. The loss of such a significant percentage of the wildlife population threatens the very survival of human civilization, the researchers involved in the study also staunchly maintain.

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