Republican Congress Member Says Trump Must Remove Jared Kushner And Ivanka Trump From White House

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Jared Kushner Ivanka Trump

The biggest news in the Trump Russia scandal this week has been involving a meeting with members of the Trump transition team and a Russian lawyer. Donald Trump Jr. has been at the center of much of the focus, but a New York Times report on the matter says, “all roads lead to Jared Kushner,” who was also at the meeting for ten minutes reportedly. With Jared Kushner increasingly in the spotlight, multiple Congress members have gone on record to recommend Kushner be removed from the White House, including a Republican Congress member from Texas reports Politico.

Democrat Congress members are very vocal about Jared Kushner, with many saying that Kushner should not just be removed from the White House but have his security clearance revoked completely. Politico reports that Republican Representative Bill Flores of Texas spoke in a radio interview this week and said it would be better for President Trump if “all his children” were no longer working in the White House.

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