Nintendo Switch Online App Received Complaints, ‘Splatoon 2’ Desirable, App Is A ‘Convoluted Mess’

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Nintendo Switch Online App Splatoon 2

It would seem the Nintendo Switch online app isn’t getting great reviews, according to Euro Gamer, but it isn’t fully operational at this point. Splatoon 2, which is on Splatnet, is the only game to support the app. The game itself is enamoring with its future maps that are on deck, as well as weapon lists and articles of clothing of your choosing.

There had been concerns regarding this newly announced app on trying to gain an understanding of its usage. It turns out that it is a “convoluted mess.” There seem to be quite a few hoops you have to jump through to achieve your goal, which may make it not worth it to use. When running Splatoon 2, the first step would be to go to the online lounge and create a room. Then, you’d need to create a notification which is exclusive only to your phone.

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