Muhammad Ali Was A Muslim, But You’d Never Know From ‘Deliberate Scrubbed’ Social Media Accounts

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Young Muhammad Ali speaking at Nation of Islam event

Is Muhammad Ali’s Islamist past being scrubbed from social media? According to a new report, one source certainly thinks so.

If you were just learning about Muhammad Ali aka Cassius Clay, you’d know he was a devout humanitarian, a civil rights activist an Olympic gold medalist and was “The Greatest of All Time.” Moreover, according to History, Ali had Irish roots. However, there’s one notable fact that may escape your fresh knowledge of the boxing legend: Ali was a Muslim and cherished his faith more than patriotism and the color of his skin.

BuzzFeedNews published a post that called into question whether a company “scrubbed” Muhammad Ali’s “unapologetic” ties to the Muslim religion. Apparently, the suspicion about “forgetting” Ali arose after a visit to Ali’s social media feeds — Instagram, Twitter and Facebook (to a lesser degree) — showed they are “conspicuously” void of any connection to Islam.

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