Melania’s ‘Irresistible Beauty’ Put Trump And Putin Together, Not ‘Secret Meeting’?

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Trump's 'secret meeting' with Putin was due to Melania's good looks

Did two world leaders have an impromptu secret meeting due to the irresistible beauty of one of their wives, Melania Trump? Melania’s stunning good looks beckoned Trump her way as she sat next to Vladimir Putin at the dinner table, according to someone close to Trump. This explanation was offered up on why a second meeting happened between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. This is a meeting that is deemed secret in the headlines today and deemed fake news by Trump.

According to what Corey Lewandowski had to say this morning on Fox & Friends about his old boss, it was Melania Trump’s beauty and intelligence that prompted Trump to move to the area where she was seated with Putin at the dinner table. But it wasn’t a “secret meeting” as the headlines suggest. This was done at the same table, with other world leaders and their spouses surrounding Trump, Putin, and Melania Trump.

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