Fresh #WheresRey outrage pushes Hasbro to add Rey to Star Wars Monopoly

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Hasbro is now offering a Star Wars Monopoly set for sale in the U.S. that includes the female character Rey after an uproar that started 18 months ago with an online plea by an eight-year-old girl to include her.

Rey Figurine

Previously, fans had to special-order Reys’s figurine. (Hasbro Toys)

The company began selling the set on its website a few days after Rey fans were still waiting to buy Monopoly sets that included the main character of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. 

Hasbro promised back in January 2016 to sell a set that included Rey. The Pawtucket-based game maker had been selling a version of the game that had only male characters, prompting eight-year-old Annie Rose Goldman of Illinois to write a letter in January 2016.

She told the company “girls matter.”

Monopoly Star Wars

Annie Rose poses with the letter she wrote to Hasbro about Rey’s absence from the game. ‘How could you leave out Rey?’ she wrote. (Carrie Goldman/AP)

The letter went viral, and Hasbro promised to make what it called “a running change” to include Rey in sets it said would be available later in the year.

Hasbro said last week that while it made such sets, there was “insufficient interest” among American retailers, so they were never sold in the U.S.

The company said some retailers sold the sets overseas. Customers who had bought the set and wanted a Rey token had to call the company and have one shipped.

The recent story revived the #WheresRey hashtag on social media and prompted a tweet from The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams’ production company, Bad Robot.

A spokeswoman for Hasbro did not answer when asked how many people had called to request a token.

The listing on Hasbro’s website says the game will be available on July 25. 

The company says it has many other products that include Rey and that it plans to reveal more this week at San Diego Comic-Con.


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