Dear #TheResistance, Please Stop Listening To Louise Mensch [Opinion]

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Dear The Resistance, Please Stop Listening to Louise Mensch

As a general rule, I like to keep my journalist nose out of politics. I often let talking heads be talking heads, and decide whether I want to listen (or not), since I have my political convictions, and few — if any — things will change them. Privately, of course, I’ll share my opinion with those I respect and trust, but publicly, I tend to not even bother.

But after listening to Louise Mensch this morning, I have to break my own protocol and speak out.

For those of you who don’t know who, or what I’m talking about: Louise Mensch is, according to The New Republic, good at three things: chick lit, marrying music managers, and quitting a political career. Under her maiden name, Louise Bagshawe, she wrote a series of “novels” with such hilariously awful titles as “A Kept Woman,” “Glitz,” and “Glamour” (complete with the tagline, “an irresistibly juicy novel about three powerful women — once best friends, now deadly rivals”).

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