CERN And Other Accelerators Revealed Signs Of A Fifth Force: Could Dark Matter Be Explained Away?

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Switzerland's CERN exhibit

CERN and other particle accelerator colliders have been getting some unexpected results that could rewrite the Standard Model of physics by adding a fifth force. The results point to possibilities physicists were not expecting at all if a recent report on their findings proves true and CERN collider results continue to be consistent, as they now have been for years.

CERN had hoped to discover actual dark matter and prove the dark matter theory which has taken a firm hold in theoretical physics in recent years. Dark matter is one way to explain anomalies in observations of distant galaxies of the universe.

However, repeated experiments at the SLAC National Accelerator in California in 2012, the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, CERN in Switzerland, and at the High Energy Accelerator in Japan in 2015, have all reported the same or very similar results, and though they were looking for dark matter it seems, for now at least they have found something else, which could be a fifth force.

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