Al Gore Says Hillary Clinton Is Going To Be ‘Just Fine,’ Questions If The Country Will Survive Trump

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Former Vice President Al Gore met with President Trump at his residence one month after the election last year, and he recalled feeling optimistic about Donald’s presidency, NBC News reported. However, Gore realized he was wrong on June 1 after Trump announced the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement.

Gore stated that the U.S. is going through a challenging time. He added that the country has never had a president that made decisions that affected the way the rest of the world sees us. Al explained that the climate crisis is one of the most serious challenges our country is going through, but Trump has also undermined other United States alliances such as NATO and hurt our nation’s reputation.

Gore said that he hasn’t talked to Trump since his administration made the decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement, but he admitted he feels uneasy about the numerous scandals that plague Donald’s cabinet.

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