A Behemoth Iceberg Is Born After Giant Section Of Antarctica Breaks Free

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Researchers have used the IceBridge data to observe that the West Antarctic Ice Sheet may be in a state of irreversible decline

In 1978, pre-eminent geologist John H. Mercer wrote a paper about climate change that was to eventually become one of the most famous documents in the field. More than just a scientific triumph, Mercer’s seminal work would later become a prophecy.

Mercer was, at the time, a member staff at Ohio State University when he cautioned global leaders to heed the “threat of disaster” that was beginning to manifest in various environmental signifiers. It was particularly the probability of vast ice shelves cracking and breaking free from the outer edges of Antarctica that concerned the geologist.

Today, on Wednesday, July 12, that prophecy has been fulfilled in a vindicating event that was predicted by Mercer nearly 40 years ago.

Climate scientists working in Antarctica confirmed that the ice shelf known as Larsen C had finally dislodged from the mainland. In that instant, one of the largest icebergs in recorded history was born.

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SOURCE: Inquisitr.com

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